What is Your Expertise?

Are you a person with a high degree of knowledge or skill in a particular field:








Then you are an expert!

Experts are More Likely to be Treated as Equal Collaborators

An expert is someone widely recognized as a reliable source of knowledge, technique, or skill whose judgment is accorded authority and status. The expert differs from the specialist in that a specialist has to be able to solve a problem and an expert has to know its solution. The opposite of an expert is generally known as a layperson, while someone who occupies a middle grade of understanding is generally known as a technician and often employed to assist experts. A person may well be an expert in one field and a layperson in many other fields… In contrast, the opposite of a specialist would be a generalist, somebody with expertise in many fields.

From Wiktionary

Collaboration means to work together with a common goal. Collaboration is often associated with creative endeavors. In a collaboration, each party brings expertise that the other does not have. This, of course, increases the possibilities of creating something new.

Those who can identify what makes them experts are more likely to be recognized and invited to participate in collaborations. What is your expertise? What makes it different from these who are technicians? Are you a specialist or a generalist?

Think back over your career and identify the times where you were present as a collaborator rather than an executor of other people’s ideas. What did this feel like? What were the results? Describe the perfect collaborator.