What’s Your Story?


Many years ago, when the Earth was still young and we were crawling out of the primordial sludge, I was a high school art teacher. That was my first adult job. But that is another story. I had a student who always used the expression ‘What’s the story?’ as a kind of greeting. I thought he was interested in hearing my story, so I usually made some time to share stories that were sometimes real and sometimes fiction. ‘What’s the story?’ means ‘Wassup?’ in today’s vernacular.

I have written many articles about the value of storytelling in the creative process.

With the impending death of interruption advertising, consumers will be choosing when and how they receive information.Storytelling will help brands stand out and differentiate products and services to specific prospects. Agencies such as are hip to this and are helping their clients tell their brands’ stories.

Sometimes stories are found in our early childhood experiences. These stories often herald the person we have become. This story by the great writer Stephen King is such a story.

I invite all of my readers to contribute stories and.or photographs that represent how your earliest childhood experience may enhance an understanding of who you are and what makes you different. Your brand.


How to Tell A Story

Mark Twain.

The humorous story is American, the comic story is English, the witty

story is French. The humorous story depends upon the manner of the

telling; the comic story and the witty story upon the matter… the humorous

story is strictly a work of art — high and delicate art — and only an artist can

tell it… the humorous story is told gravely; the teller does his best to conceal

the fact that he dimly suspects there is something funny about it.

Multimedia is Not a Panacea!

My concern is that so many still photographers believe they ‘should’ learn multimedia as a survival action rather than having heard the calling.

Vision is a calling. A calling is an inner urge or a strong impulse, a passion, some believe a calling may be divinely inspired. How will the world

be a different place as a result of your visit on the planet? What is your calling? What is it that you feel the urge and passion to bring into being no matter what?

Stalking in Camden ME

We might have been arrested for this, but it built character.

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I invented a device that force fits story elements through juxtapositions that invite innovative storytelling. This tool is revealed in its entirety. Feel free to use it whenever you desire.
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