Sell is Not a Four Letter Word!

Photographers and other commercial artists want to market effectively. Yet many believe marketing is a necessary evil. I am a marketer. I am not evil. Some say they market just to keep their name out there. This is a passive approach. Many believe marketing is a way to avoid selling. Marketing without effective sales is often impotent; a waste of time, energy and dollars.

Thinking back at my years as an agency creative director — a business filled with marketing and sales experts and even geniuses — few agencies had marketing and sales plans for themselves, although it is the first thing agencies develop for their clients. When was the last time you saw advertising for an advertising agency? Phew! Is it possible that advertising agencies do not believe in advertising?

It would be difficult to find someone at an advertising agency called a salesperson. Yet the irony is that they succeed by increasing sales for their clients. For many agencies and commercial artists, sell is a four letter word when applied to acquiring new business. Instead, agency people who are involved in selling are called new business developers. I thought it would be interesting to define the term before we begin to turn ourselves into new business developers.

The following definitions are among the most appropriate for this context listed in the dictionary.

What’s New ?

Being an addition: added, additional, extra, fresh, further, more, other.

Something existing or appearing for the first time.

What’s Business?

The purchase or sale of goods or services in order to make a profit.

What’s Development?

The act or process of developing; growth; progress. The process of growing or evolving.

What is New Business Development?

The process of growing your profitable services by attracting and adding first time clients to your roster.