What’s a PhotoWing?

PhotoWing’s mission is to highlight and help facilitate the power of photography to influence the world. PhotoWings is a vehicle for bringing together people from divergent perspectives who share an interest in photography, whether from a need to illustrate an important cause or for the pure passion for images. PhotoWings will be featuring a range of remarkable articles, interviews, photographers’ projects, “think pieces’, book reviews, educational pages and lots more. Our Resource Center will be both useful and motivating on many levels to photographers and many others with a wide spectrum of interests. Look for upcoming information on our PhotoWings Outreach program and see our ‘Contact Us’ section, where you will be able to give us your suggestions. We are always looking for new web sites to include that are of social, historical or cultural relevance to our PhotoWings audience or ones that be pragmatically helpful.

PhotoWings is filled with links to resources for grants, rich with interviews with photographers, curators, and other informative prominent people in the photography world; book reviews, answers to how to get your projects funded and seen. Visit this information filled site founded by Suzie Katz from San Francisco.