Photographers’ Baseball Cards – Idea Stimulator

I recently attended a high school reunion where I ran into an old friend whom I have not seen or thought about since our senior year. High school reunions are a great place to learn how you were perceived in high school and before. I knew some classmates since pre-school. Yikes.

So this old friend and I reminisced about being in Little League together. He was a pitcher. I was a catcher. He was a superb athlete. I was not. And I carried decades of shame. He told me I wasn’t that bad. i think he was being kind.

Talking about Little League brought us to a discussion of how baseball was such an important part of our youth. He was a Yankee fan. I was a Brooklyn Dodger fanatic. We knew every player in the Major Leagues, their numbers, batting averages, etc. We collected, traded and flipped baseball cards. Those collections would be worth a fortune today.

Part of each one of my Think Tank Team Teleconferences, is to develop personal and group creative stretches. I was telling a group about the reunion when it occurred to me; What if photographers had trading cards? Thus this Idea Stimulator was conceived. I asked people to create a self-portrait for the front of the card. I asked each person to create a brief list of statistics representing what they would like other people to know about them. Each had to be proportioned to fit a 2.5″ X 3.5″ area.


Paul ‘Dino’ D’Innocenzo



Emmanuel Faure



Philip Mauro




Lauren Rutten



EJ Carr



Bruce Byers


I am planning to create a collection
of photographer trading cards.
Want to play?
Send them to me and I will post them for you.
Join us!

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