Improvisation – Idea Stimulators

Whose Line is it Anyway?

Watching Whose Line is it Anyway? is always a treat. It is watching the creative process happening before your eyes. Actors take risks. Make mistakes. And have incredible successes. Actors work in teams and learn how to integrate another actor’s thoughts with their own. Thus juxtapositions develop. Improvisation is an extremely stimulating approach for developing ideas. Improvisation is a great loosening up exercise for any form of creation. Those of you who are photographers might direct models or actors through some improvisation based upon the project you are co-creating. It is a form of role playing or pretending.

The following suggestions are improvisational cues. Make up your own. Role playing improvisation is a process, not an outcome. It’s about going with first thoughts, using feelings and hunches to guide you… about seizing the moment before the energy is past, and capitalizing on the feelings in the group at the time. The benefits of using this process rather than planning meticulously are that you can get more responsive and more intense play as a result. You may also tap into insights and knowledge you didn’t know you had. And it’s exciting and very entertaining because nobody is sure what will happen next.

Ten Sample Scenarios:

1. Telephone Conversations
Telephone a friend who is ill, having a birthday, or to say, “Thank you for sending a present.” A friendly chat on the phone ends in an argument. Apologize .

2. Falling Out Scenario
Two friends have argued and won’t speak to one another. How might we bring them together again? Discuss what caused each argument and how each argument might have been avoided.

3. Flying Saucers Scenario
You hear a noise outside the bedroom window and look towards the back lawn. A flying saucer had landed. You go outside to take a closer look. Call the police to explain what happened.

4. Choosing a Movie Scenario
Pretend that you and your friends are in line at a multi-plex movie theater. Convince the others to choose the movie only you want to see.

5. Lost Your Wallet Scenario
You pull into a gas station to fill up the tank. He asks credit or cash. You tell him, cash. While your tank is being filled you realize you left your wallet on the dresser.

6. Petting
One person is a dog who wants to be petted. His master is watching a football game and doesn’t want to be bothered.

7. Fire One

A cave dweller accidentally makes fire when rubbing two sticks together and demonstrates what was done to a friend.

8. Fire Two
A cave dweller sees fire for the first time, experiments with it and finds that it hurts when touched, makes meat taste better when cooked in it and wild animals are afraid of it.

9. Sneezing Fit
You are sitting in the front row at a Broadway show. You feel a sneezing fit coming. Fight the sneeze.

10. Toll Booth
You have been in line for almost an hour to go through the toll booths at the Holland Tunnel. You are mistakenly in the EZ Pass lane and have to cut across traffic to get to the single cash lane. When it is your turn to pay your car stalls and the engine will not turn over.