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I have been a subscriber to The Daily Dose for about a month.

There is always something included to hold my interest and to help keep me current.

You may recall my Heartstorming articles about  graphic novels or Zak Smith’s fully illustrated version of Gravity’s Rainbow.

The following is an excerpt from this morning’s Daily Dose.

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Britten & Brülightly

Painting each page of a graphic-novel noir

Hannah Berry’s debut graphic novel, Britten & Brülightly is enough

to turn any residual comic-phobes into aficionados of the medium.

It’s existentialist noir. The story of world-weary private investigator Fernández Britten

and his unconventional partner Brülightly

has the philosophical wit of Bill Watterson and the whodunit chops of Raymond Chandler.

Berry strikes a pitch-perfect tone. When Britten is hired by Charlotte Moughton, the beautiful fiancée of an apparent suicide victim

, the detective is thrust into a comically sinister world of murder and revenge.

Set in a perpetually rain-soaked quasi-London, the dark and often grotesque characters are stylized to fit the story’s coy-yet-macabre tone.

The artwork was painstakingly painted. Berry, a graduate of Brighton University’s illustration program,

spent more than two years hand-painting each panel of the story.

Read a recent interview with Berry, check out The Oregonian’s review with sample illustrations, and buy the book.

– Chelsea Bauch

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