AND is the new Paradigm AND that is Liberating

Sufi Proverb

You think that because you understand ONE you must understand TWO, because one and one makes two. But you must understand the word AND.

Questions & Pondering

The 1980’s brought with it the age of the specialist. It was expected that a commercial photographer should do one thing, do it well, and do it for the rest of their career. It was the era (error) of OR. You must choose between this OR that. Right for then. Wrong for now.

When I was Creative Director at the Black Book, I did a portfolio review with a food photographer.

I asked, “What’s your specialty.”

He answered, ” I just showed you. I shoot food.”

I said, “Food is not a specialty. Claim something specific like things that are fried.” I was pulling his leg.

Artists are passionate people. We have many interests. 

The 21st Century offers or mandates a new paradigm. With that comes the Heartstorming definition of creativity.

Creating is causing what you love and what matters to you to come into being. 

This definition is liberating. And it brings a new gift and an opportunity to express your multiple passions. It is the gift of AND

The generalist may create this AND that AND that AND that AND… Create art that comes from your heart. When you are creating from your heart you are doing ‘personal’ work. Perhaps this work may be called fine art. I call the process Heartstorming.

Heartstorming teaches how to find the invisible thread that defines your vision. It shows how to inject dye into the thread. And it encourages the generalist to create and sell the Thread of Vision rather than the content of her or his pictures. 

I can show you how to identify all of your loves and how to use therm to create unique work. Call me to set up a free hour of coaching. I do most of my sessions on Google Hangouts.